I hope you enjoy wearing, collecting and inventing new looks with The Beach Skirt, as much as I do. 
Summer never ends.

With joy and magic, ciao


the beach skirt

Ocean waves, salty wet clothes and long hot days at the beach without thinking about getting showered, changed or putting make-up on
before heading out for coffee, gelato or lunch. These are my early memories of weekends with my husband, the kids and friends at and after Nippers. This is where the idea of The Beach Skirt
started: an easy, comfortable, feminine and stylish skirt to wear always. In or out of the water, in or out of the city, and  in all the places in between. 
A skirt that it’s all about simplicity and character through understated patterns and a simple A-line shape. Designed with Italian passion 
and proudly Made in Manly, Australia.



Creative, curious and designista: a bit of Australia, a bit of Italy and a lot of fun. This is me. I am an Italian architect and designer born in Milano and now living in Sydney's Northern Beaches. From day one I embraced the Australian beach lifestyle in contrast to the infamous street-fashion of my native city. Having worked as a lifestyle, art, design and fashion editor for Elle, Vogue, Interni and Elle Decor I am always hooked by the funky style.
But being a beach-addict always in and out of the water, with two little demanding ones,
I felt I needed something comfortable and practical
and certainly cool and fashionable. And here it is: The Beach Skirt.