TBS that stand for The Beach Skirt, but also for The Beautiful Sydney, or again To Be a Sydneysider, or The Bdesign, or Beachsign, Society or more, Tante Belle Storie, that means a Lot of Niice Stories. Ok, whatever. Happy if you can think of any other nice association of words and make your own personal journal title. This is the first post ever. This is the first time ever I post in English, as a writing maniac I have notes everywhere, but in my language: Italian. This is the first time I will put together, in an order, in a journal, in a sharing place - fantastic! - all the things I love, all the things that inspire me, all the things that spark my imagination, here in Australia. Yes, finally I will have somewhere to put and show the 1000million photos I take every day.  Bellissimo. Pronti, partenza, via. Ready, steady, go.  

Ciao, sonia

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